Take pictures of hutter stoppers
Praparation of pictures
of ceramic bottle caps

Inventors and patents of historic beer bottle caps
History & development of bottle caps

Storage and presentation of collections of ceramic bottle caps
Storage of the collection

Storing information about ceramic bottle caps in computer databases
Archiving in a computer system

removing rusty wire from ceramic beer bottle closures
Cleaning of cearmic bottle caps

Search terms for hutter stopper, dreyfuss stopper, lithning stopper, etc.
Search terms for ceramic bottle caps

useful, for exampe for web searches

Further plans for th
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- Shapes of wire constructions
- Direct search in selected webpages
- Identifying unknown ceramic caps
- Strategies to identify completely unknown
bottel caps without a print of a breyery or city name

Programming of this ceramic bottle cap collector's webpage
Preparation of this webseite

for presentation of this collection

Historic German names of Polish and Czech cities:

The following lists are intended to help you to translate the German names of former German cities, which are located today in Poland or the Czech Republic or vice versa to determine the corresponding Polish or Czech names of former German cities.
German - Polish
Polish - German
German - Czech
Czech - German

The lists above contain about 1150 Polish and about 900 Czech city names. The lists of the Polish cities in addition contain informations in which former German province these cities were located (Pomerania, East Prussia, West Prussia, Silesia, Poznan or Brandenburg).

Breweries still using hutter stopper bottles

This brewery list for sure is not complete. In case you know additional breweries still using swing top bottles, please let me know. In addition manny breweries use plain stoppers without a print of a logo or the name of the brewery on top of the stoppers. These kind of stoppers of course are not of interest to collectors like me, but the informantion wheather there is a print on top of these stoppers is difficult to get. So if you have this information, missing for manny breweries in my list, please let me know.


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