I collect ceramic stoppers (swingtpos, Hutter stopper, etc.) of beer bottles of breweries from all over the world and I am looking for trading partners. For Trading I offer ceramic caps of mainly beer, but also from other types of bottles. Most stoppers originate from Germany, Poland, Austria or Switzerland. I also offer crown caps, closures from water bottles, bottle openers, etc. in exchange for ceramic bottle stoppers.

Attention: the following pictures showing my trading swingtips are about 200 to 600 kb in size! Each picture shows about  70-80 ceramic stoppers. Stoppers which I have already traded with other collectors are removed from the pictures.

In addition I offer for download a pdf-file containing pictures of all trading ceramic bottle stoppers. The stoppers are sorted according to the name of the cities, from which the stoppers originated.

Ceramic caps:
(DE, AT, CH, PL)

Bügelverschlüsse aus DE, AT, CH zum Tausch
Cities A1
Cities A2
Cities B1
Cities B2
Cities B3
Cities B4
Cities B5
Berlin 1
Berlin 2
Berlin 3
Cities C1

Cities D1
Cities D2
Cities D3
Cities E1
Städte E2 + F1
Cities F2 Cities G1
Cities G2
Cities G3
Cities H1
Cities H2
Cities I1 + J1 Cities K1
Cities K2 + L1
Cities L2 Cities M2
Cities M3
Munich 1 + M1
Munich 2
Cities N1 Cities O1 + P1
Cities P2
Cities P3 + R1
Cities R2
Cities S1
Cities S2
Cities S3
Cities S4

Cities T1 Cities W1
Cities W2
Cities U1 + V1 + Z1

12 MB file size !

showing all
bottle caps

Crown caps:
Kronkorken zum Tauschen
Crown corks 1
Crown corks 2
Crown corks 3
Crown corks 4
Crown corks 5
Crown corks 6
Crown corks 7
of water bottles:

Tausch Wasserflaschen-Verschlüsse
Water 1
Water 2 + Sparkeling wine

Bottle openers
made from metal:

Openers 1
Openers 2
Openers 3
Old bottles:


currently no offers
Small steins:


Small steins

I collect old and new ceramic swingtop caps from brewery bottles, from any country worlds-wide. I'm also interested in  items of special bottle caps made from other materials such as porcelaine, plastic, metal, glass, ebonite, etc.

I also buy ceramic bottle caps.

If you collect something else, eventually I will try to obtain such items for trading against ceramic caps.

Simply ask me. Maybe I can find items for you. Please send a send a note to me.

Collection of historic Hutter stoppers from old beer bottles world-wide

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