Bottle Cap Index

Huge, seachable database of pictures of crown caps of various collectors (about 200,000 pictures)

Dieter Beck,

Huge, searchable database of  beer coasters
from all over the world (in English)

Klaus Ehm Brauereidatenbank Brauwesen Historisch
Huge database of current and historic  breweries
(in German)  from the following countries:
Germany / SwitzerlandAustria /
 DK / NO / SE / FI

Austrian brewery directory
with over 2000 places of breweries

Jan Meinders
Big collection of beer bottles, manny very good links
to collectors, breweries, etc.

historic French breweries
Historic French breweries, more than 3000
pictures of lables, bottles, etc.,

One Man's Junk ... is another man's trasure
Manny pictures of old embossed beer bottles from
all over the world, but mainly the USA

american ceramic caps, general information
History of ceramic caps (Hutter stopper)
from old brewery beer bottles from Tom Bryne

Historic Glass Bottle Identification
Lots of information regarding shape, colors,
caps, etc. of old botlles

Antique Soda & Beer Bottles
information regarding colour, shape, etc. of
old beer and soda bottles

Soda & Beer Bottles of North America
Old soda and beer bottles from the USA;
shape, colour, patents, etc. Old URL

The bottle dump UK
The Bottle Dump UK, information regarding the manufacture of bottles (among others)

total homebrewing information
Instructions for brewing your own beer,
manny recipes. links, etc.
Sampling and rating of beers (in German)

Polisch pages about ceramic bottle caps and old beer bottles
Four polish pages devoted to
ceramic caps and old bottles
Sammlung Finnischer Porzellanköpfe
Collection of Finnish ceramic caps
(Finnish language)

Oskari's Crown Cap Collection
Shows a nice collection of about
100 Finnish ceramic caps (in English)
Database of about 900 beer coasters from eastern regions of the German Empire (in German)

nubu - Paul Egorov Russland
among others a small collection of
Russion ceramic caps (in Russian language)

Russiche Sammlung
Collections (breweries prior to 1940) of several Russian collectors: bottle caps, bottles, labels, historic information (in Russian language)

Mineralwasserkrüge & Mineralwasserflaschen
Old syfons and bottles used for mineral water
(page in German)

Many informations regarding today
manufacturers of bottled water

KBS beer bottle collection (Finnland)

New York City Beer Guide
Manny links to bars and beer shops in New York

Benelux beerguide
Many links to bars, breweries, beer shops of Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg, eventually outdated

Federation of historic bottle collectors (USA)

hogorok ol högörög öl
Really funny site
Michael Jackson The Beer Hunter
Sampling and rating of beers
FvB BDM Society of Breweriana Collectors (only in German)

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Society of History of Brewing (English and German): GGB

Big beer shops:
With 1250 brands of beer supposedly the larges beer shop of the world (only in German): Maruhn
Beer shop in Berlin with 500 brands (only in German): Ambrosetti